48-Home Development Completed in Bracknell

PMC Construction have recently completed the redevelopment of a former empty office building and surrounding car park in Larges Lane in Edenfield, Berkshire, opposite Bracknell & Wokingham College.

The new £7m development of 48 affordable homes is a mix of 33 apartments and 7 townhouses in the heart of Bracknell’s town centre.

Development Details:


Residents of the new 6-storey apartment complex at Larges Lane will enjoy 33 one- and two-bedroom apartments and eight two-bedroom apartments for shared ownership. The complex also includes two duplex apartments and an apartment above a mews.

Bracknell Development by PMC Construction
Larges Lane, Edenfield - Bracknell by PMC Construction


In addition, there are 7 three-storey, three-bedroom townhouses with undercroft parking and private back gardens. Two townhouses will be available for affordable rent, and five for shared ownership sale.

The two halves of the development is separated with a large car park for the apartment residents. Images and further details of the finished build can be seen here.

Affordable Homes Where It Matters Most

The Edenfield development addresses the need for affordable housing in the borough of Bracknell Forest, where soaring prices have left prospective buyers with fewer residential options.

The requirement for affordable housing in the area was described as “urgent” by client Stonewater Homes, who specialise in shared ownership and affordable properties across the UK.

Larges Lane, Edenfield - Bracknell by PMC Construction

The Larges Lane development is built with sustainability in mind; all 48 homes are energy-efficient and aim to help stimulate growth in the local area.

Matthew Crucefix, Stonewater Regional Development Manager, said:

These new Stonewater homes will also stimulate the local economy by bringing more people into the high street boosting local trade and commerce and creating more jobs.

Work on the £7m project for Stonewater Homes began in November 2016 and finished in August 2019.