PMC Construction - Housing Developers in Portsmouth, South of England
PMC Construction - Housing Developers in Portsmouth, South of England 10


Since 1982, PMC Construction has developed housing and commercial schemes that are built to last.

The communities that spring up in our developments are at the heart of what we do.  For almost 40 years, we have been collaborating with organisations and communities around the South of England from our base in Portsmouth.



We have a strong focus on residential construction including affordable housing, apartment blocks, urban regeneration, sustainable housing, passivhaus and private-rental schemes. We have also worked on conservation projects, care homes, schools and student accommodation.



With almost 40 years’ trading behind us, we know what works well and what doesn’t.  We are able to manage projects safely and will value-engineer each project to help provide the best value for money. We have never submitted a claim for delays.



PMC Construction & Development Services in Portsmouth, South of England

We Work Smart

We pre-empt the problems, create risk registers and tease out all the issues before we even set foot on-site. A detailed project team will review and sign-off all plans before our specialist consultants start the design stage.

A Core, Dedicated Team

We employ around 300 construction professionals whom we trust to deliver. We create local training and apprenticeship opportunities and support people in developing their careers. Our workforce thrives when solving problems as a team.

PMC Construction & Development Services in Portsmouth, South of England
PMC Construction & Development Services in Portsmouth, South of England

A Sustainable Supply Chain of Specialists

Over the years, we have developed a supply chain of consultants and specialist sub-contractors to complement our workforce. This approach means specialists can bring their unique skills and perspectives to each project, adding value where and when needed.


Depending on the complexities of the project, a client’s first point of contact will be our Construction Director (CD). The CD will head-up the tender and if awarded, will then work on the pre-construction phase of the project.


As the pre-construction phase begins, the CD will brief the project manager. The aim here is to review all aspects of the project to manage risk before the project moves onto the next phase.


Now armed with all the right information, the project manager can now attend meetings and take ownership of the project. This allows the CD to gradually back away from the detail so they can retain an overview of the project


The project manager will then brief the design manager on the requirements. They’ll share the same office and work together to produce a solution that is well thought out. This process is the bedrock of any successful project.


Every week, this activity is reviewed by the project team at a team meeting. Each team member will report on progress depending on the phase of the project. This meeting enables the CD to communicate progress (and any issues) back to client in one comprehensive report.


Once the project moves into the construction phase, the weekly meetings continue and other team members are added to bring in their own specialist skills.


We believe that early engagement is the key to a successful project. Having a senior but cost-effective process that headed by a Construction Director ensures quality from tender through to completion.


But our process doesn’t stop there. We also offer a 2-year Aftercare service which is headed by our Aftercare Team. They provide support and maintenance for 24 months following completion of the project.



PMC are a forward-thinking, professional firm that exist to provide your local area with well designed, high quality and sustainable community developments; the local community is at the heart of everything we do.

Larges Lane, Edenfield - Bracknell by PMC Construction



I have worked with PMC on a number of projects. They are always responsive and accommodating to our needs. The whole PMC Team are extremely helpful, efficient and approachable. I have been very pleased with the level of service and quality of the homes they have built.

Claire Coxsell, Development Manager - Clarion Housing Group

Having worked with PMC on 4 projects now totalling near £20m over the past 3 years, I would be more than happy to work with them again on any future housing schemes that may arise. They have an excellent attitude towards partnering and working with the local supply chain and they bring a wealth of knowledge regarding affordable housing and modern methods of construction. I would also add that they have a lean management structure compared to national contractors which relates to schemes being more affordable, which is especially applicable for a local authority where price is an issue.

Adrian Legg, Property Development Project Manager - Portsmouth City Council

The Fruit & Vegetable Market project was the first time I have worked with PMC, and from day one they demonstrated a genuine commitment to work proactively with the whole project team, whilst maintaining focus on completing the task in hand. All of the staff are helpful, and they have become my go to local friendly Contractor.

Tom Primrose, Cost and Project Management – AECOM

I find PMC a really great firm to work with. Communication is very good – and they aim to produce a quality product, with a good after sale service.

Angela Simpson, Project Manager – VIVID

Having had the benefit of working closely with PMC Construction and Development Services Ltd across a range of new build and refurbishment schemes for over 10 years, I can affirm to their excellent all-round performance and delivery of projects. Their experience and knowledge of the construction industry and affordable housing sector pays dividends from conception of a project up until completion, offering great expertise in various methods of construction as well as invaluable foresight and anticipation to ever-changing building standards and requirements. PMC Construction and Development Services consistently provide an unrivalled, pro-active approach towards projects and maintain a very thorough, competent and efficient service not just at site level but to all round project management.

Paul King, Director - Boulter Mossman Property & Construction Consultants